Integrated Management System

Tecnofil has designed and implemented an Integrated Management System based on the following standards:

  • ISO 9001-2008 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14000-2004 (Environmental Management System)
  • OSHAS 18001-2007 (Safety and Occupational Health Management System)
  • BASC (Secure International Trade Management System)

Our Integrated Management System aims to ensure the quality of products and specified services, environmental protection, health and physical integrity of persons and the prevention of illegal acts that put at risk foreign trade. It has been designed within the approach based on the interaction of processes, which aims to provide a high quality product capable of meeting international standards, guided by the guidelines set forth in our processes for environmental protection, without prejudice to the health and safety of our employees, and to provide security for our export logistics chain so as to ensure sustained growth of our company and consolidate the work of the whole organization towards excellence and competitiveness in the market.


  • Organization:
    Tecnofil is a company dedicated to the metallurgical processing of copper and its alloys and is committed to maintaining an integrated management system through continuous improvement in all processes of the organization, ensuring a healthy working environment and continuous development.
  • Customers:
    To meet our customers' requirements, improving and expanding our services.
  • Workers:
    Committed and involved to ensure that our objectives are achieved. Minimizing the risks that could affect our safety and health of anyone who is within our facilities complying with the regulatory framework in place.
  • Society and environment:
    Permanently prevent pollution and mitigating the negative environmental impacts that could be generated by our activities. Comply with applicable law and with the commitments made, contributing to the welfare of the community as well as minimize the risk of being used by illegal organizations.
  • Suppliers:
    Develop partnerships with our suppliers to share knowledge and experiences and achieve improvements in our processes, products and services.
  • Shareholder:
    Maximize value creation for the company, thus ensuring the highest returns for our shareholders, the sustainability of the company at the time and the development of our workers.

Environmental and OSH Management

The Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Management in Tecnofil SA are defined by an annual program, which can spell as follows:

  • Environmental Management:
    - Resource Management: Safe use of non-renewable resources (water, electricity, air).
    - Waste Management: In the case of non-hazardous, reducing their generation through optimization of the processes. In the case of the dangerous, there is a change program to input non-polluting.
    - Environmental Monitoring: Composed by periodic reviews of the conduct of operations to the environment and community.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Management:
    - Risk Management: In the case of employees, focuses on prevention of incidents and accidents. In the case of material resources, is aimed at minimizing losses.
    - Training: Training in safe work practices.
    - Monitoring of Occupational Health: Related to the periodic monitoring of the performance of our operations to occupational safety and health of our employees.
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